Turnaround times

How long will it take for me to have my order in my hands?

It depends on which shipping method you have chosen. Here is a table with basic turnaround times (which has manufacturing, packaging and transit times combined, to make it easier for you to check at a glance).

Please note, all turnaround times are in working days (Mon-Fri, excluding Public Holidays) and are not guaranteed. They are simple estimates based on our experience. All our shipments include tracking guide. Please also note that international shipping is NOT immediately trackable.

USA 10 days 25 - 30 days
MEXICO 2 - 5 days 7 - 10 days
REST OF THE WORLD* only economy 35 - 40 days

*It depends on each country.

Shipping & Delivery

Do you deliver to where I live?

Yes, we deliver anywhere in the world! ECONOMY deliveries are sent by SEPOMEX / Postal service in your country. Only to USA, we have EXPRESS delivery by ESTAFETA - USPS.

I've heard that deliveries to South America and parts of Asia take a long time.

We've had reports of slow deliveries to certain places such as Brazil and Singapore. Consider a longer time than estimated.

Where are you based?

We are in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. We don't have offices in other part of the world.

What happens to my delivery if I'm not at home?

All our shipping methods require the signature of a resident of the home, if there is nobody to receive the delivery, please communicate immediately to your corresponding post office and ask for package tracking code. They will tell you how you can collect your delivery before it returns to the country of origin.

I want to order more than 1 item. Will it all ship together?

If you make the purchase in the same order we'll send all items in one package to a single destination, if you make your purchase with two destinations, you have to pay two shipments.

I want to place a large order and have different packs delivered to different places. Do I still qualify for reduced shipping costs?

Unfortunately, no. We have to pay shipping for every separate delivery, we can only cut the price when multiple items are going to the same delivery address.

I've got an English version of my address and one in a non-Western alphabet. Which version should I use?

If possible, we'd like the English version please. We can of course print other character sets, but in case we need to look you up, it will be easier if you give us the English version.

I need my order delivered sooner, can I pay extra for faster shipping?

We normally say to allow 2 - 3 days for us to manufacture and hand pack your order. If you want it to be sent the next working day, your purchase must indicate it through a "note on paypal" and you must send $5 US extra charge. In order for us to guarantee next day manufacturing, all orders must be placed by midnight.

Does Extra charge include Express Shipping?

Unfortunately, no. The extra charge will only ensure that your order will be manufatured faster than regular orders. To ensure the fastest possible delivery of your order, make sure to choose the express delivery method when indicated.

What days do you send out orders?

Every weekday, Monday to Friday (also known as 'business days' or 'working days').

How much does postage and packaging cost?

It depends what you've ordered and which shipping method you have selected. We'll show you exact prices when you make your order.